segunda-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2011


I'm not a poet.
This is not a poem.
At least, I've never seen it like this.
Ever seen me like that.
Nobody ever called me a poet.
Just texts are what I know how to do.
What, surely, makes me a writer.
But not a poet.

You know, this feeling that something is getting out of me.
It has to do with the fact I cannot create good poems.
The words flow from within, but I want the melody of poetry.
The song of the poems.


4:00 am

Time is around me.
I'm bound in and with it. There's no way to ignore it.
4:00 am doesn't make a song. It doesn't give me a song.
Just bring to my real and short life the waiting to be doing right, not wrong.


*About the title: It was the only word that I didn't know how to write in English.
**About 4 am: It was written around 4:25 am.

3 comentários:

*Izadora Lorrany* disse...

Muito Bom Ronni!!!!!!!Você é um poeta indiscoberto, hehehe!!!Iza ;)

Alinne Silva disse...

Que lindo texto *-*

Adorei o blog :)

Ronni disse...

Obrigado pela visita, meninas!
Aguardo-as outras vezes!