quarta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2009

The wanter*

I wanna draw, because I already know how to drive.
I wanna write a lot with or without inspiration.
Write, write and write.

I wanna learn French, 'cause one day I wanted to speak in English.
I wanna organize all of my life and follow my schedule.
Producing more and doing more not for me but also for people around me.

I wanna play the guitar, because I can already sing.
I wanna read and read. Just for fun.

I wanna go to the gym, because I have tried to walk already.
I wanna learn and have so much knowledge.

Yeah, I want, I want.
But what I really need is Christ.

He is my daily inspiration.
He can put my life in order and direct my ways.
He knows everything.
And I can get everything through and in Him.
I can sit at his feet and listen to Him. He can teach me what actually is important.

About drawing, learning French, playing the guitar and going to the gym,
I only do them and feel they are second compared to Him.

With Him I can do anything. He can teach me everything! (I repeat!)
I wanna draw what He tells me to draw.
I wanna speak only what makes Him smile.
I wanna play His melodies and compose songs about what I’ve been through with Him.
To hear and sing the sound of Heaven.
I wanna go to the gym with him, by the way!

With Him I wanna do everything. Because without Him I cannot survive.
My desire is to be centred in Jesus and in what He has for my life;
all of my wills and desires from Him.

.This is my first poem in English, so, please, forgive my childlike words and be sure that they came from my heart.
.I'd like to thank Caroline for correct and for encourage me to keep on doing what God has planned for me.
.And, Luh (member of Brooke Fraser comunity in orkut), thank you for show me this poem with different eyes! You really made it better!

Um comentário:

Cristiana disse...

Hi my dear!
I really forgot about your blog...
but I will visit you now.
Amazing poem!!!!!!
And I have to say about that other poem where I could see my name in your "imortal friends".
You are very, very special!!!!
Look, and about our letters???
Are you studying a lot, yeah?!
A big hug!